Japan MICE Association Launches a Series of Meetings and Incentive Conferences

Tokyo, Japan  August 6, 2020 Virtual Conference

Japan MICE Association launches the Meetings and Incentive Conferences Series which will run a few times a year.  In combination with their research and analysis, the conference will invite both domestic and global speakers whom can provide input on the international market and discuss the future of Japan’s M & I.

On August 6, Japan MICE Association held the first of its series, the Meetings & Incentive Business Travel Conference 2020.  With over 150 attendees both domestic and international, Dr. Mario Hardy, CEO of PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) and 5 other specialists discussed the effect of COVID in the industry, as well as the future trend of MICE globally, within Asia, and the expectations for Japan.

A survey was conducted prior to the conference, with the following findings:

•After COVID, over 80% of people believe business travel will decrease. 

•77% of people believe business will be a combination of face-to-face and online.

•Face-to-face is still considered necessary for quality meetings such as incentives, team building, and activity experiences sparking creativity.

•People expect growth of Hub and Spoke Model, where Meetings & Incentives will be held in a combination of one big city plus small regional cities, and venues split amongst main and sub venues or cities. Hybrid meetings and events of partial online, are expected to increase.

Dr. Mario Hardy’s keynote speech can be seen in the link below:

For more information on our next series, please contact us at: info@japan-mice.org

About Japan MICE Association:

The Japan MICE Association was founded in 2019 with the goal of expanding and enriching the MICE industry in Japan to better satisfy the wants and needs of small businesses and large corporations alike.  Through our research, analysis, and educational seminars, the Japan MICE Association aims to transform the travel and hospitality industry to better meet the ever-growing demand for MICE travel into Japan, and be more serviceable for Meetings and Incentives of all sizes.